Catch Me on the Radio

I will be the featured guest on The Index Investing Show with Ron DeLegge. The show airs live tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 8.

You can hear it in these cities. If you don’t live in one of these cities it will be available as a podcast in a week or two.

Boston, MA: AM-1060, 4-5 PM (Eastern)
Buena Vista, CO: AM-1450, 2-3 PM (Mountain)
Chicago, IL: AM-560, 3-4 PM (Central)
Colorado Springs, CO: AM-1580, 2-3 PM (Mountain)
Denver, CO: AM-1060, 2-3 PM (Mountain)
Phoenix, AZ: AM-960, 1-2 PM (Pacific)
San Francisco, CA: AM-1220, 1-2 PM (Pacific)
San Diego, CA: AM-1170, 1-2 PM (Pacific)
Vail, CO: AM-610, 2-3 PM (Mountain)


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