Buffalo Gets Turned On to ETFs

buffalonewsfotoThe Buffalo News in Buffalo, N.Y. gave “ETFs for the Long Run” and myself a nice writeup in advance of tomorrow’s talk at the University of Buffalo. (In the photo, I’m in the blue shirt.) The News asks “Are exchange traded funds the future of investing?” on top of the fold of the paper’s business section.


2 responses to “Buffalo Gets Turned On to ETFs

  1. I wanted to thank you again for your time @ UB last Monday.

    As you may recall one of my questions was where to find a complete list of all ETFs. I found the following site – http://www.masterdata.com/Downloads/AllETFs.csv
    It was a link from – http://www.masterdata.com/HelpFiles/ETF_List.htm#List
    It is my no means an instructive list sorted by type or industry. But you can search through it.

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