Typos, Screw-ups or Just Plain Wrong

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, or this is your first time here, welcome. Now that I’ve lulled you into a warm and fuzzy feeling, if you happen to see a stupid typo, a headline screw-up or me just plain being factually incorrect, please tell me.

I received a nice bump in traffic after the ETF Expert linked to yesterday’s story. (Your prize, my new friend, is an honored place on the blogroll and at least one new reader.)

Upon checking the Expert’s site I noticed that my headline had two extra words that shouldn’t have been there and totally confused its meaning. Nothing like writing something to attract attention and then welcoming them with a messed up headline. The fact is, it’s hard to copy edit yourself. I’m sure you know the feeling. You really don’t read the words on the page. You read what you mean to say.

I fixed it now. Here’s the goof if you want to see it. As they say on the subway, if you see something, say something. I will greatly appreciate it. 🙂

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