Capital Link Gives Index IQ Top Awards

Index IQ won the top awards at Capital Link’s 9th Annual Closed-End Funds and Global ETFs Forum Wednesday in New York.

In the elite Metropolitan Club overlooking Central Park, about 900 people came to listen to industry insiders give their view of the industry today.

“Lack of clarity on what an ETF remains a big issue in the industry,” said Deborah Fuhr, BlackRock’s global head of ETF research and implementation strategy, who gave the conference’s State of the Industry address. She said calling all exchange-traded products ETFs creates confusion among investors and things need to be given specific names so that people know what they are buying. “There should be clarity. Classification is important for tax regulations, which can have an impact on the use of an ETF.”

Among the seven awards given out by Capital Link, Index IQ’s IQ Hedge Multi Strategy Tracker (QAI) won Most Innovative ETF in 2009. It’s tracking index, the firm’s IQ Hedge Multi Strategy Index, won Most Innovative Index. IShares took awards for Best Shareholder Relations and Best Investor Relations ETF Website. Michelle Fuller of State Street Global Advisors won the award for making the biggest contribution to the ETF sector in 2009. The award ceremony neglected to say exactly what her contribution was.

Morgan Stanley won the award for the Best Research Team for ETFs in 2009. Dominic Maister, the executive director of Morgan’s team, won the award for the analyst who made the best contribution to the ETF sector last year.

The Capital Link awards are chosen by a nominating committiee of 14 industry insiders and analysts.


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