Dividend Stocks for Dummies Hits Bookstores

Dividend Stocks for Dummies, my second book, has just been published and is now available in most major bookstores and Amazon.com.

And just like my first book, ETFs for the Long Run, this book has come out just a week before a serious market downturn. Did the publication of this book precipitate the decline. I’ll let you decide.


2 responses to “Dividend Stocks for Dummies Hits Bookstores

  1. Lawrence, I think you performed an important public service by writing about reading a company’s Balance Sheet in this book. I fear that a large number of investors fail to do even the basics of researching their investments, like reviewing publicly available financial statements. Part of the problem is that some investors aren’t even aware that this information exists — your book is a great step towards educating them.

    Another part of the problem is that getting this information is too difficult. The SEC’s website and more are not user friendly to the novice investor. I believe that our website Last10K.com and new mobile app is going to help this piece of the problem. Using these, anybody with a desktop computer, smart phone or tablet can get unlimited user friendly access to all SEC 10-K and 10-Q financial statements.

    Thanks again for the book and I welcome you and your readers to see our website at Last10K.com and try our mobile app at Last10K.com/mobile

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