June ETP Volume Sinks on NYSE Euronext

ETPs saw June trading volumes on the NYSE Euronext tumble 31% from May, the exchange reported today.  ETP volumes also posted declines at least 50% greater that stock volumes.

Last month, the average daily volume for U.S. matched exchange-traded products was 382 million shares, a 16.1% decline from June 2009 and a 31.2% drop compared to the previous month. This includes volumes for Tape B and Tape C.

The average daily volume for the second quarter fell to 418 million shares, 20.1% below prior year levels. Year-to-date, average daily volumes have sunk 34.3% from the same period last year to 372 million shares.

In comparison, the exchange reported June average daily volumes for U.S. cash products, which I assume to be stocks, decreased 6.9% from June 2009 and sank 21.5% from May.  In the second quarter, the average daily volume fell 11.8% from prior year levels, while year-to-date, the year-over-year decline was 24.7%


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