ETF Assets Fall in June

The combined assets of all exchange-traded funds fell sequentially in June by $10.85 billion, or 1.4%, to $772.21 billion, reports the Investment Company Institute, the trade organization for the mutual fund and ETF industries.

Over the past 12 months, ETF assets increased $181.87 billion, or 30.8%. Since June 2009 assets in domestic equity ETFs increased 24%, or $86.43 billion, to $445.2 billion and global equity ETFs assets rose $48.21 billion, or 32%, to $197.3 billion. Year-over-year, bond funds surged 57% to $129.48 billion. Hybrid funds also jumped 57% to $236 million. During June, the value of all ETF shares issued exceeded that of shares redeemed by $11.66 billion. In June 2009, ETFs experienced a net issuance of $15.61 billion.

At the end of June, the number of ETF had climbed 20% for a total of 872, with 470 in domestic equity, 276 in global equity, 120 in bonds and 6 hybrid funds.


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