The Best Gold ETF to Buy

The radio interview went well, but the host threw me a curve ball by asking me about my Tech Titans story instead of the Best ETFs. In that story I look at which is the best to buy, Microsoft, Apple or Google. Then we got into a debate about mutual funds vs. ETFs. Anyone reading this blog, should figure out where I stand. But for those who don’t, I think ETFs are the mutual funds of the 21st Century. And if that’s the case, why would you want to be so 20th Century? 😉

Also in Kiplinger’s Best of 2010 I picked another ETF, only it was under the heading of the Best Way to Buy Gold. I think the best way to own the shiny stuff is in a low-cost fund. Unless you think we’ll be using gold coins as currency, invest in iShares Gold Trust ETF (IAU), which holds gold bullion. Ease of trading, high liquidity and low commissions make this a better choice than coins. It recently became the cheapest gold ETF by cutting its expense ratio to 0.25%.


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