Fund Manager Sees Little to Fear from Greece and China

I spoke with Christopher Baggini , the senior portfolio manager for the long/short Turner Titan Fund yesterday. He sees the U.S. market moving higher and likes the technology, industrial and health care sectors. However, he’s down on utilities, telecom and basic materials.

As for his view on the macro environment, he says last year’s fears that China will soon be experiencing a hard landing have diminished. He says the sales comparisons for Chinese New Year are up 15% year over year.

While the problems in Europe are already dragging down the U.S. economy, he thinks there is a low probability that a full-fledged Greek default will affect the market. Most of that is already priced into the market and he says that “Greece’s impact is minor to the overall scheme.”

Italy is a bigger problem, says Baggini, but so far it’s not an issue and neither are France or Germany. While Spain has been an issue for a long time, with little money and a high cost of labor, he doesn’t expect it to have an impact in the near term.


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