BP’s Legal Drama Could Impact These EFTs

Reading List – a sample of what’s going on in ETF Land:

BP’s Legal Drama Could Impact These EFTs
: Shares of oil company BP lost 4% after the U.S. Department of Justice said its 2010 oil spill was a case of gross negligence. With a settlement unlikely, here are the ETFs likely to fall if BP’s fortunes continue to sink.

4 International ETFs Yielding more than 5%: Many international dividend paying stocks pay out much higher yields than U.S. stocks. The combination of high yields and international exposure at the same time looks pretty enticing.

Exactly How Many ETFs Are Going to Close?: According to ETF Deathwatch, 25% of all U.S. ETFs face a risk of closing. Any ETF or ETN that is at least six months old and fails to generate at least $100,000 in average daily trading volume the preceding month joins the list. However, considering many of these ETFs come from sponsors that can afford to keep floundering funds open, the number is really closer to 18%.

3 Inverse ETFs For September: September is one of the worst months for stocks. Here are three inverse ETFs that capitalize on negative trends in the world.

New ‘Tail Hedge’ ETF Hunts Black Swans
: The tail hedging strategy protects a portfolio from extreme market oscillations as a result of unpredictable, random and unexpected events, or so-called Black Swan events.


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