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“Sleep Well” funds: Where to invest for a good night’s rest

Actively-managed mutual funds took a big hit in the stock market’s 2008 crash. The average equity fund plunged 39.5 percent compared with the 37 percent drop in the S&P 500 Index.

Many investors concluded, “if my active fund is going to fall more than a cheaper index fund, what am I actually paying for?”

Not much, it appears. But what if you could find a mutual fund that managed risk by significantly reducing losses in a down market, that could also capture profits when the market rallied? Now, that would be an expense worth paying.

After last week’s wild market roller coaster, a familiar refrain heard among investors was “where do I put my money now?” Wherever it goes, you can’t afford to stay awake all night worrying about your portfolio. That’s why we went searching for what we like to call “Sleep Well” funds. These are funds that can weather market volatility, give you peace of mind and let you get a good night’s rest.

The three funds mentioned are the Sierra Core Retirement Fund, Permanent Portfolio, and the Berwyn Income Fund.

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